Important! Join the PTA!!

Join the PTA!

Every membership helps support Whittier Elementary and the PTA! The PTA's goal is to bridge that gap between student, parent, and school staff in a fun and exciting atmosphere. The Whittier PTA  has historically provided donations to the school for Chromebooks and student agendas, and has held awesome events such as the school play, donuts with dad, muffins with moms, and teacher appreciation week.

This year, each member will receive a PTA discount card (shown below). This discount card is valued at $15 and good through 12/31/19! You can use these offers over and over! Membership is only $10 for 1 household member or $15 for 2. Don't wait! Join Today!

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    President: Henry Penafiel

Vice President: Sarah Meyer

Treasurer: Allison Giampapa

Secretary: Bassa Walla